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If the message 'invalid compressed format'  or 'incomplete literal tree' appears during the TFTP firmware download procedure the following items should be investigated further:

- Verify the MD5 checksum of the firmware (see related article at the end of this page).

- Connect the device with a crossover cable ( category 5 or above).

- Use one of the recommended TFTP servers from the following list:

For Windows
TFTPD32 V4.0
TFTPD64 V4.0
For Linux
(Ubuntu / Debian)
tftpd-hpa (5.2)
Atftpd (0.7)

Note that in some cases where Solarwinds was installed first, it will install a service in the background. Since the service or process is still running, TFTPD32/34 is unable to bind to the port.

It’s recommended to completely uninstall Solarwind before installing TFTPD.

Some issues are able to be resolved by enabling the 'PXE compatibility' option on the server. Under TFTPD32 it can be enabled via 'Settings> TFTP'. Note that this option setting may be lost upon restart of the application in which case it should be enabled again.

Sample error message output :

[G]: Get firmware image from TFTP server.
[F]: Format boot device.
[B]: Boot with backup firmware and set as default.
[I]: Configuration and information.
[Q]: Quit menu and continue to boot with default firmware.
[H]: Display this list of options.

Enter Selection [G]:

Enter G,F,B,I,Q,or H:

Please connect TFTP server to Ethernet port "MGMT".

Enter TFTP server address []:
Enter local address []:
Enter firmware image file name [image.out]: FGT_100D-v400-build0665-FORTINET.out
Total 24912410 bytes data downloaded.
Verifying the integrity of the firmware image.
invalid compressed format (err=2)


If you still have the message after the above recommendations, the problem might be a hardware related. Please see related articles for hardware troubleshooting.

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