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Article Id 266820
Description This article describes how to check the current running FortiAnalyzer BigData version and its bootloader version. Bootloader version information is available in the CLI on the controller and all blades after version 7.2.2. 
Scope FortiAnalyzer BigData 4500F/4500G.

Method 1: To check via FortiAnalyzer GUI.


Go to System Settings -> Dashboard -> System information -> Firmware Version:




Then to Cluster Manager -> Settings -> System -> System Version:




Method 2: To check via CLI.


  • Login into FortiAnalyzer GUI CLI Console or via SSH. Run CLI: get system status.


FAZ-BD # get system status
Platform Type : FAZ-BigData-4500F
Platform Full Name : FortiAnalyzer-BigData-4500F
Version : v7.2.2-build0510 230303 (GA)   <- FortiAnalyzerBD version.
Serial Number : FBD45FXXXXXXXXXX
BIOS version : 00020002
System Part-Number : P24636-01
Hostname : FAZ-BD
Max Number of Admin Domains : 2500
Admin Domain Configuration : Enabled
FIPS Mode : Disabled
HA Mode : Stand Alone
Branch Point : 1334
Release Version Information : GA
Current Time : Tue Aug 01 13:08:35 MYT 2023
Daylight Time Saving : Yes
Time Zone : (GMT+8:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.
x86-64 Applications : Yes
Disk Usage : Free 654.61GB, Total 686.55GB


  • Login into FortiAnalyzer GUI -> Cluster Manager -> Hosts and look for the blade that is in Active Controller state -> Actions -> CLI Console or via SSH into the active controller. Run CLI: fazbdctl show version.






[fazbd@blade-10-0-1-2 ~]$ fazbdctl show version
Security Event Manager: FortiAnalyzer-BigData-4500F 7.2.2 GA build0510   <- FortiAnalyzerBD version.
Bootloader: FortiAnalyzer-BigData-Bootloader 7.2.2 GA build0510          <- Bootloader version.