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The article describes the steps on how to add a third party device to FAZ where FAZ is the syslog server.


We cannot add a third party device directly from FAZ into the syslog ADOM.

This is due to the way the serial number is stored under syslog ADOM. If the device is added from FAZ, FAZ would not recognize the serial number and would give an error as: 

The device's serial number does not match database

Steps to add the device to FAZ

  1. On the Third party device, add FAZ as syslog server. Configure it to send logs to FAZ 
  2. On FAZ, the device will show up under unregistered devices. 
  3. Right click on it and promote it and add it under Syslog ADOM 
  4. Enter Syslog ADOM and you should see the device added in there.

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