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The number of disks you have may be a factor in deciding the number of groups you use in building a RAID array.

For example, if you have 15 disks, two groups of 7 disks would leave 1 disk unused.  In order to make use of all disks, it would be better to select 5 disks.

This article describes how to select the RAID group when formatting FortiAnalyzer for RAID-50 or RAID-60.

The number of RAID groups used in a RAID array can only be selected when formatting from the FortiAnalyzer CLI console.

The current RAID status will be accessible through below command:
"diagnose system raid status"
The current raid setting on this box is Raid-50 with 3 groups 


The command  "execute format disk *" will show the valid RAID levels for the FortiAnalyzer appliance.


To identify the number of groups that could be implemented with the current disk count & RAID level, use the format command followed by an asterix:

execute format disk 50 *
execute format disk 60 *

The available options on a FortiAnalyzer 3500F with 24 disks are as follows: