FortiAP devices are thin wireless access points (AP) supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (multi-user MIMO 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2, 4x4), as well as 802.11n, 802.11AX , and the demand for plug and play deployment.
This article explains why the display indicating the maximum managed FortiAPs in Managed FortiAP page of the FortiGate may show an incorrect or lesser value than the value specified in data sheet.

The display on the Managed FortiAP page depends on the wtp mode of the FortiAPs currently managed by the FortiGate.  If all the FortiAPs managed currently on the FortiGate are with normal mode, then the display shows the maximum supported normal mode FortiAPs and not the total number of FortiAPs supported on the FortiGate.

In the following screenshot, the Managed FortiAPs count is displayed as 1/32 for 100D FortiGate in the right top corner.  According to the datasheet, the maximum managed FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel) is 64/32.  This is because the single FortiAP that is online on the FortiGate is in normal mode and hence the FortiGate displays the maximum number of normal mode APs which is 32.


The display will change the value for the maximum number of supported FortiAPs to 64 if there is at least one FortiAP in remote mode.

To change the wtp mode, execute the following CLI commands on the FortiGate.  This cannot be done on the GUI of the FortiGate.
FG100D3G1xxxxxxx # config wireless-controller wtp
FG100D3G1xxxxxxx (wtp) # edit FP221C3X1xxxxxxx
FG100D3G1xxxxxxx (FP221C3X1xxxxxxx) # set wtp-mode remote
FG100D3G1xxxxxxx (FP221C3X1xxxxxxx) # end

After the wtp mode is changed to remote mode, the display shows the maximum managed FortiAP on that FortiGate.