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saml Azure AD - ssl-vpn - forticlient time out

I have configured our Fortigate to authenticate our ssl-vpn users with Azure AD. I've configured the enterprise app within Azure AD and configured the SAML user within the Fortigate.
I have no issues when I login the web-mode.
However when I try to connect with the Forticlient I receive a blank sceen after passing the authentication. After a while I receive the following error "Login page did not respond within time limit." The second time i press SAML Authentication the forticlient connects within seconds.
I reckon one of the URL's might be different for tunnel-mode / web-mode. Did anyone manage to find a solution for this issue?
UploadedImages_gZIuvyzqRcywSh46lBFv_forticlient saml.png

Hi Ivo, It doesn't look like FAC is involved here so I recommend re-posting to FortiGate and/or FortiClient topics as they may not see it here.
David Redberg Fortinet Product Manager