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Why not check in with Fuse Community today?

This forum is not really used by Fortinet users.   I see that out of the 10 posts listed 5 have no response.   I posted questions and didn't get responses.  

I want to take my NSE 4 exam.  I watched the videos and can't find the material on my 60E using 6.4.5.    I bet when FortiOS 7.0 comes out.   It will be another game of scavenger hunt.   I don't have time to read a 100+ page document on the changes to it.   What they should do is make NSE 4 exam for version 6.4.  

My latest project with Fortinet is IPv6 and DHCPv6.  I have 4 NFRs opened and being worked on.  The dev team doesn't understand how it should work.   It is taking a lot of effort to get them to understand IA-NA and IA-PD. 

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I agree 100% that this forum is not used or monitored by enough knowledgeable people, whether they are Fortinet reps or just knowledgeable users.  Most of the time, my only timely solutions come from support calls, which is really sad because proper documentation would greatly decrease the number of calls I have to make.  I do try to find solutions in the documentation, but it is often incomplete.
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Incomplete documenting has been problematic for myself also. I would add though the cookbooks typically have very good information or guides related to certain scenarios.


Usually the cookbooks don't keep up with the new releases.   Fortinet doesn't follow engineering methods because they constantly move items around the FortiOS making it a game a scavenger hunt.   Even TAC can't find them that quickly.   I wished the cookbooks were kept up to date on the new releases.   Most of the time I have to call into TAC and wait because they are overwealmed.

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