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Old Forticlient license

Hi Fortiteam,

If one customer have a FG620B, with forticlient perpetual license, but now needs a Fgate renewal for another year, they also have to renew the forticlient license? I need to quotate the forticlient subscription?


New Contributor III

Forticlient licenses are "perpetual" to fortiOS version that you are on... For example, if you are on 5.0, forticlient license will be perpetual while you are in 5.0... If you move to 5.2 you will lose the license. So, you don't need renew the license if still on the same OS.


Paulo R.


To be more precise, if you have FOS 5.0 and applies a perpetual FCL license, then you can upgrade to FOS 5.2 and FCL will still be perpetual.

What you can't do is to apply a FCL 5.0 (perpetual) direct to a FortiGate that already is on FOS 5.2.

Of course you don't have the new FCL 5.2 features if you are using a 5.0 license.


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