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New Contributor

Meru MC4200 flash image

Our MC2400 has suffered a disk failure, Linux recovery on boot, then fails with error 25.

Our Meru is on 8.1-3-2.

Can anyone share "meru-8.1-3-2-MC4200.img" with me please?

New Contributor

Following on from this...

While we are able to source a flash card, I have spun up a virtual version of this controller (mc4200-ve).

The APs are checking in, and go through a cycle of offline and online. I can see from the switchport the AP is rebooting, the same behaviour as if there is no controller.

The mc4200-ve has no license installed, I'm guessing this would be the case?

How do I go about getting a demo license in the meantime?

The VM controller has a system-id but no serial number, it shows "N/A". Is this correct?