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Introducing the FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief!

Hi All,

If you’re a network security analyst, IT manager, or enterprise CISO, you are constantly on the defensive while trying to ensure that your security infrastructure can withstand the latest attacks. It’s sometimes hard to protect your network because the threat landscape is changing so dynamically. Understanding the latest vulnerabilities and contextual threat intelligence while prioritizing resources continues to be a challenge for modern-day security operations staff.

Fortinet has the largest number of deployed security devices in the industry, and as such we have a birds-eye view of how Internet-based attacks could rapidly overwhelm underprepared networks. From these “listening posts” we consume terabytes of information and process this on an hourly basis; monitoring and classifying risks as they happen. Fortinet’s charter is to turn these large scale analytics into timely, effective guidance to our customers.

Today, we are happy to announce the FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief. This is a weekly email containing a summary of the latest insights from FortiGuard Labs. The FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief includes time-sensitive research findings on malware/botnets, application vulnerabilities and web filtering. We take time to classify and distill this information into digestible sections that are useful to any organization concerned about being one step ahead of advanced threat actors.

The FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief is available free of charge (you don’t have to be a Fortinet customer to subscribe!). Organizations interested in receiving threat research updates can expect a weekly summary of holistic threat activity. To subscribe, visit the following URL:

Neil Matz
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Fortinet Inc.