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New Contributor III

Fortigate, Fortimanager and Fortianalyzer in QRadar? Fortinet Applet anyone?


I‘m looking for some real world best practice information on the subect above.

We have been running QRadar for the last 7 years and started adding Fortigates about a year ago, but I‘m not happy about the results of the DSMs, especially the vdom‘s not treated as separate firewalls.

Also started to add and try out the App Fortinet Dashboard (or what it is called) and in my experience it is a demo app with no real value? But I‘d like to be convinced otherwise ;)

New Contributor II

Dear Pat

We're using QRadar too and I can confirm your findings. Vdoms are not treated as separet firewalls and the "Fortinet FortiGate App for QRadar" and doesn't really add real value. My gut feeling tells me that in the near future not much is going to happen related the enhancement of both, the DSM or the Extension...

Best regards.