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FortiWeb: SitePublishing Menu to select authentication method, multiple replacement messages wiithout adoms


A) Is it somehow possible to have a menu selector for the correct authentication method?

User goes to portal/ receives a site publish form with a selection of authentication methods (combobox or links)

B) On Fortigate it is possible to have in a single vdom multiple times the same replacement message for different policies. On Fortiweb I was only able to have multiple login pages of the same type when using Adoms. So the user could end up with 30+ Adoms just for the different site publishing login pages.

Or is there another way?

C) Admin GUI Login page customization and banner?

Many Fortinet solutions allow the admin gui to be customized. FortiWeb not?

Could be important to differentiate between Production/Integration/Test or by security level. Many solutions offer a banner to be implemented or as with Fortigate customize the admin gui, so that you can easily identify the system classification you are on.