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Community license

Good afternoon,

 I have a question that I was wondering if anyone could help me with.

 I am trying to get a community license for FortiSOAR. I registered a few days ago but haven't heard anything back yet. Do I need to do anything prior to getting a license?

 Also, after the trial period, is the community version still free to use with limited functionality or would I totally lose the ability to use the platform after the trial expires? Please advise. Thanks!



Thank you for the question. May I ask are you an existing Fortinet customer? Also, where did you submit for a community edition to help me track down the request? 


John Schreck Director of Global Sales | FortiSOAR E:

Hey John,

I am not a Fortinet customer. I am doing an independent review of several SOAR platforms. I have already tested a couple other vendors (Demisto/XSOAR, Phantom, Siemplify) and Fortinet is next on my list. Is there a requirement that you have to be an existing or potential enterprise customer to use the community version?

Oh and I submitted the original request via the web portal here:

I'm attaching a screencap of what the page looked like at the time of registration since I now get a 404 message when trying to visit that site. I'll also attach the original email I got telling me that someone from Fortinet would get back to me regarding my request. Thanks!


Good afternoon John,

Is there any update on this?

To my knowledge, there is a Trail LIC you can acquire via these steps

From version 7.0.0 onwards, you get a free trial license for an unlimited time for FortiSOAR per FortiCare account, i.e., if you have a FortiCare account, you can get FortiSOAR for free and for an unlimited time, but in a limited context. This license is an "Enterprise" type license and is restricted to 3 users using FortiSOAR for a maximum of 200 actions a day.

I hope this helps.

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Adonis Sardinas

Hey Adonis,

Thanks for the info! I will be sure to set myself up with a trial as per the instructions above. Much appreciated!