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DescriptionThis article explains the 4 modes in which the FortiBridge can operate: Inline, Bypass, Tap and Failcutoff.ScopeRelated FortiBridge-S with version 4.3 supported models:FBG-3002S (short-range) and FBG-3002L (long-range)FBG-3004S (short-rang...
DescriptionWhen the FortiGate is configured for FSSO local poller (fssod process), it is possible to modify the polling interval to the Domain controller. The fssod process is responsible for FSSO when the user is not using the agent but when the For...
DescriptionThis article will focus on the configuration on the Webfiltering service using one FortiManager behind a Web Proxy for internet access. It will also look at the correct configuration for an optimal Webfiltering service rating functionality...
DescriptionThis article describes the steps to configure FortiManager to allow remote users defined in a TACACS+ server to log in as administrators on the FortiManager.This configuration will ease the Administrator work by not creating locally all ad...
DescriptionFortiOS proposes several services such as SSH, WEB access, SSL VPN, IPsec VPN. There is a CLI command and an option in the GUI which will display all ports that are offering a given service.SolutionIn the CLI type the following command:#di...