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am curious as to how you can setup the 222b in repeater or bridge mode. the following advertisement on fortinets website suggests that it is possible " Just like all FortiAP products, you can configure this versatile AP in AP mode, Mesh mode, Bridge ...
we have 10 fortiap 222b' s setup and whenever i enable wpa personal encryption we have issues with users unable to connect, not everywhere just in our furthest locations. any suggestions on what to look for here .
we are running several 222b radios around our property and are having an issue with random guests unable to access the wifi. they see the ssid but when they try to connect they get an unable to connect message. i have experienced this myself with my ...
i was under the impression that with the fortiap 222b' s dual concurrent radios i could create a 5 gig backhaul between radios and use the 2gig radio for client access but im not finding any way to perform this. is this something that can be done ?
i cant seem to find a way to enable snmp on the radio interfaces of our new fortiap 221' s i want to add them to our intermapper system for network monitoring but i need snmp enabled to do this so i can monitor the interface activity. thanks