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I have a FGT50B and FGT60B connected in IPSEC interface mode. The only issue I have is that the IAX2 (inter Asterisk exchange) trunks are down. All other traffic is OK. Any ideas? BR
Hi folks, I' m trying to make a IPSEC tunnel from a Nokia N97 with a FGT60B using the inbuilt Nokia client created with their Client policy tool. Anybody succeded in making it work with Fortigate units? BR Mladen
I have a FGT60B (site 1) with two wans that connect over PPPoE (ADSL - dyndns on both) connected via IPSEC to a FGT50B (site 2) which has WAN1 connected as a static IP over FTTH. There are two IPSEC tunnels from each WAN on the FGT60B to the FGT50B. ...