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spam mail not recognized after upgrading

Hi, Does anyone have the same problems as we do after upgrading a Fortimail-100 device in gateway mode? Last version 2.8 works great, but after upgrading to version 3.0 build 083, we get a lot of spam e-mail in our mailbox instead of the daily reports with quarantined e-mails. We have the bayesian databases filled up enough to get a good match for multiple domains but It looks like a lot of spam is not recognized properly. In the Antispam profile we are using: Fortiguard-Antispam scan (including black IP scan) Forged IP scan DNSBL scan SURBL scan Bayesian scan (personal database, training messages and other techniques enabled) Heuristic scan Image spam scan (aggressive) hopes this works better now :-) Also I notice that you can select the action now, but I' m not sure what the difference is between default and quarantine. After upgrading all actions are: Default and I changed this to Quarantine exept for DNSBL scan and messages with a virus in it. Any idea' s are welcome. Thank you in advance, David
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