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how to block External IP

I am new to useing this fortinet60 and I would like to know how to Block an range of external IP' s , such as - I bet its easy to do but I must be mising something. Thanx in advance for any help
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Make sure the rule is ON TOP of the rule list. rules are evaluated in order!
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Yes, it' s 1st policy at the top of the list.
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What is the spec of your deny rule?
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I do not know what your actual configuration is like but I will give you an example. Note: This stupid forum keeps messing up my nice lay-out so you have to look a little close a the examples. VIP I do not know if its a static VIP or a Port Forwarding so ill give you both. A Port Forward:
 PF_HTTP    wan1/EXTERNAL_IP   tcp/80    INTERNAL_IP  tcp/80
or in case of static VIP:
Policy Well next comes the policy part. You will need two policy' s, a deny first for the address that are giving you problems and a accept for all the rest. You will need to make a object for all the address and put them into a group. Ill will call this group GRP_AC_DENY for this example. I am also going to user PF_HTTP as destination. So if you have a static VIP use the other VIP ST_SRV.
 WAN1 -> Internal 
 SRC             DST       Schedule    Service    Action
 GRP_AC_DENY     PF_HTTP   always        HTTP     DENY
 all             PF_HTTP   always        HTTP     ACCEPT
That should do the trick. This will deny all access from the group and give access to all others. Hope it helps. Regards, Adrian
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