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emails with empty sender adress

Hi, today we got some strange emails which came without any sender adress: Column Content # 2318 Date 2011-07-21 Time 10:45:14 Subtype smtp Message from=<>, size=1, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<>, proto=SMTP, daemon=SMTP_MTA, [] Session ID p6L8jBba001173-p6L8jBbb001173 Log ID 0008001173 Log Part 00 Action NONE Level information Status N/A Type event UI mail User mail Those emails where marked as spam but I' m wondering why my Fortimail accepts emails without sender adress. Is there a mistake in my configuration? How can I block such emails without sender adress? Thanks in advance, Peter
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hello and welcome. Those messages are likely bounce notifications; try to find the relevant fields to that email within history logs to be sure. as with empty return-path, it' s bad idea try to block them because you' re losing a valuable information. regards,


__ Abel