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User time out before authentication timeout?

Hy everybody. I' m using Forti OS 5.0.1 and guest users (captive portal for WLAN). Now, I set the authentication timeout to be 1440 minutes (24 hours). Still, I can see users which get timed out long before 24 hours are over... What could the cause be? The longest duration I' ve experienced, is 8 hours. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! F.
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OK, I got some more informations... As fas as I discovered, the " guest user" has the timeout being set in the user group. As you can see, I set the auth-timeout to be 24 hours (1440 minutes): config user setting set auth-timeout 1440 end This still did not work: users got timed out after 8 hours (480 minutes). Further, I found out this: FG100D # config user group FG100D (group) # edit user_artherstrasse FG100D (user_artherstrasse) # get name : captive_user group-type : guest authtimeout : 0 http-digest-realm : (null) user-id : specify password : specify user-name : enable sponsor : disabled company : disabled email : disable mobile-phone : disable expire-type : immediately expire : 31536000 multiple-guest-add : disable As you see, there is " authtimeout" which is set to ZERO. FG100D (user_artherstrasse) # set authtimeout <integer> The auth time-out range is 0-1440 minutes (0 = use global authtimeout value) So far, so good. Nevertheless: where is the global timeout defined? F.

Hey FlavioB.

Did you found out where is the global timeout defined?

Kinds regards.

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Quite an old thread - no, I did not search for that setting anymore.

It could be "config system global - set remoteauthtimeout" or maybe more correct in here: "config user setting - set auth-timeout".


The above are from FOS 7.0.0 but should be very similar on FOS 6.4.5


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