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Time-Based User Accounting

Hi ; We have a need in our service for a floating time-based access for users to access to internet. for example some of them with maximum 2 hours per day access and the others 4 hours per day to internet. We can not limit them for example from just 9:00am to 11:00am. they need floating times. We have done it till now by GFI WebMonitor that cover this feature very well but it affects service performance with long delays and user blames. I know that some other UTMs like Cyberoam also support this feature. Can Fortinet support this feature? If yes , how? Thanks Shahab
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Hi Shahab, I suggest to look at the documentation, especially page 923 ff. here: For authenticated users, daily timed quotas can be set by category for each webfilter profile. Assigning i.e. a webfilter profile with 2 hours quota to one user group and another webfilter profile with 4 hours quota to another user group should be possible.