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Set Encrypt Enable setting not available

Hi All, Got a quick question which must be user error.. :) The CLI doesn' t seem to want to accept the Set Encrypt Enable setting..
 MYFGT01 # config log fortianalyzer setting
 MYFGT01 (setting) # set encrypt enable
 command parse error before ' encrypt' 
 Command fail. Return code -61
However if I run a full show log, the setting is obviously there
 AIT-FGT01 # show full log fortianalyzer setting
 config log fortianalyzer setting
     unset override
     set status enable
     set ips-archive enable
     set max-buffer-size 1
     set buffer-max-send 1000
     set address-mode static
     set server
     set encrypt disable
     set enc-algorithm default
     set localid " MyID" 
     set conn-timeout 10
     set monitor-keepalive-period 5
     set monitor-failure-retry-period 5
     set source-ip
     unset __change_ip
     set upload-option realtime
Is there a different command I need to use to update these settings, or is there a system setting that I can enable to make it available? Occurs on the following that I' ve tested so dar: - 60C Wifi - MR3 Patch 14 - 200B - MR3 Patch 14 Thanks in advance.
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Got it. For future reference, needed to disable encryption for that setting to be come available:
set enc-algorithm disable
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