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Secondary Radius

My doubt is regarding the secondary radius server role. does it work like a redundancy server or does it work like authentication chain, the fortiget asking to the secondary after having a deny access in the first one. I am saying this because i have two radius servers and I disconnect physically the primary radius from the network and the authentication stops working. The second server doesnt recieve the any petitions. Is there any command to troubleshoot this issue? how does the secondary radius server work? set secondary-server <sec_server_domain> Thanks!
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Nobody knows? Thanks in advance.
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Hi, it should function as backup radius server. Re-check once again connectivity against the secondary radius server (port, network, secret, etc) You can also do some sniffing for the configured ports (diag sniffer packet any ¨port xxx¨) to test auth process itself use: diag test auth rad radius-server {pap|chap|..} user1 pass1 to do a deeper debugging: diagnose debug application fnbamd –1 regards


/ Abel

regards / Abel
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Thanks Abel.
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