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SSL VPN with radius auth

We are trying to setup our Fortigate to use our radius server for authenticating SSL VPN users. We have it working perfect for PPTP VPN. But it always fails for SSL VPN. If I add a local user to the same group it works fine. The logs say: Message: SSL user failed to logged in Reason: no_matching_policy We have a Fortigate 110C running latest 4.0 MR3 p 10
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Hi all, I am using Fortigate 80C and facing the same issue. I have create ticket for support, but they doesn' t do anything (day of data without any response.) the local firewall account is fine test account on Radius config page is fine. But cannot remove login using Radisu account Kindly help Regards
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Could it be that your RADIUS server needs authentication to query, and it doesn' t match? What is your RADIUS config on the Fortigate?


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We have the following setup for the radius profile. Name, Primary IP, Primary Secret Auth Scheme set to default NAS IP configured I do not see anything about query. This same profile works for PPTP vpn auth. All the radius logs state they respond with request-accept.
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could you please post your fortinet ticket number? I have a similar issue and like to reference. thanks Maik