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Per-IP Bandwidth Usage - Dashbard Question

Hi, I am using Fortigate 110c. I am looking to monitor the " Per-IP Bandwidth Usage" dashboard, But every few minutes it is logging off automatically and the Dashboards are blocked. How can I keep only the Dashboards visible after logout ? I am monitoring it on a big display screen. If there is no solution from the firewall Dashboards, is there any from a third party ? Thanks, Michael
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You can increase the idle timeout for admins to a max of 8 hours. To minimize the risk of someone accessing the firewall during this long period, you could create a new admin ' monitor' (or such), uncheck all menu items he' s allowed to use and change the remaining to read-only. If you disallow all menus, the SYSTEM menu with the dashboard remains. You can even put the traffic monitor (or multiple instances for several interfaces) on a customized dashboard.


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Thanks. working