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No SafeSearch Control?

Hi, Just installed the free version of FortiClient ( and I was going through all the pop up ' do you want to allow' dialogs to check what each application was. When the ' Bonjour Service' wanted to access the Internet, I thought I' d check that it was ok to uninstall so I typed ' Bonjour Service' into Google and was interested to see that the results list included a link to " F***ing sh**ty Apple ' Bonjour' service screws up Vista - urban75 ..." (!!) I then temporarily changed the web filter settings to ' child' for the current logged in user and searched again. Same result! The only way remove the non-child appropriate link from the search listing was by configuring the ' Search settings' on the Google page (i.e. NOT by blocking it some way in FortiClient. I searched through the online docs but there doesn' t seem to be any way to force SafeSearch or to block based on web page content. Surely a web filtering application which claims to have a ' child' setting should not allow this kind of content through?!
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