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Multiple OSPF areas

Hello, I have 2 ospf areas (area 0 and area 1). I am peering with an isp cisco router in area 1 only. All networks in area 0 are being advertised just fine, but I want only certain networks in area 1 to be advertised to the isp. Currently all networks in are being advertised to the isp, both those from area 0 and area 1. I have reviewed the following article, and this seems like it would work if using one area, but I can' t get it to work with two areas. Thanks,
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Post your config and route tables from both devices if possible. cisco ( ios router ) show ip route ospf cisco ( asa ) show routes or show route " interface_name" FGT get router info ospf You should have no problems with route distribution into a single area1. Other options if your trying to filter inter-area, setup a stub and redistribute statics into area1 for the other ospf router. Just keep in mind, any intra-area routes with in area1 can' t be readily filter between opsf speakers.




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