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Hi, Finally Fortinet decided to develop a decent client for the MAC' s. Now to my problem; I can' t get it to work with FortiOS 4MR2P12. Have tried to use the suggested setup from various fortinet sources, but without luck Using the standard setup the Wintendo clients uses today will just give me a Phase 2 error. No P1 status given at all. Setting up a new P1 & P2 with Mode: Aggresive gives me the following log entries: progress IPsec phase 1 progress IPsec phase 1 delete IPsec phase 1 SA ..then silence Anyone tried this with succes? Thanks!
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I' ve installed the Forticlient 5.0 client on my Mac. It only works with the preconfigured Forticlient VPN tunnels, or at least it' s easier to set it up that way. The only problem I am having is accessing the remote network. It' s just in my house right now, and im connecting through it over the LAN, maybe that' s my problem. I' ve tried the SSL VPN and it doesn' t seem to work for me, but the mac sslvpn client works just fine. Have you got your issue fixed?
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