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Longest uptime on FortiOS 2.50

What about uptimes on FortiOS 2.50? Anyone with morethan 100 days up and running? riga-tvt-fw2 # get sys stat Version:Fortigate-400 2.50,build299,040720 virus-db:4.509(11/19/2004 15:51) ids-db:2.151(11/19/2004 11:00) riga-tvt-fw2 # get sys perf CPU states: 9% used, 91% idle Memory states: 46% used Up: 87 days, 5 hours, 24 minutes.
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Alex, FG1000 x 2, 45 days and 38 days. I have just put in a ticket and started another thread because my 3600 spontaneously rebooted this morning. Greg
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LOL, you don´t have more to show?` FGT200 2.5 build 171 Uptime: 161 days and 1 hour But tomorrow we will upgrade to the latest 2.8 292 (step by step... hopefully) Wish me luck and i hope the saying " never touch a running system" isn´t true with this one!!!
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We' re 119 days on a fortigate 60 2.50. Andy.
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Hi, we are 0 day 8 hour 1 minute. I never see it longer than 1 day. :((( But, our client' s 151 days 15hours.
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