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LDAP bind password restrictions

Hi Does anyone know what restrictions FortiOS 3.0 MR7 places on LDAP bind passwords? I' ve got our FG310B successfully authenticating with AD, but only when I use a short, weak bind password (8 characters). If I try a stronger passphrase (20 characters), user authentication fails with these debug messages:
 fnbamd_fsm.c[886] handle_req-Rcvd auth req 10354705 for <user> in SSL_VPN opt=19 prot=8
 fnbamd_ldap.c[375] resolve_ldap_FQDN-Resolved address <ldap-server>, result <ip-address>
 fnbamd_ldap.c[761] fnbamd_ldap_get_result-Auth denied
 fnbamd_ldap.c[769] fnbamd_ldap_get_result-Going to DONE state res=1
 fnbamd_auth.c[1340] fnbamd_auth_poll-Result for ldap svr <ldap-server> is denied
 fnbamd_comm.c[104] fnbamd_comm_send_result-Sending result 1 for req 10354705
I' ve tested the stronger passphrase from LDP and it binds fine. It' s only the FG that can' t handle it. Thanks - Simon
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