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How I do I Allow relaying??? HELP!!!

OK. Here' s the deal. As crazy as it sounds, we have a server that we want to allow all relays to/from. The relay access is configured on the server itself. So, we want the Fortimail to pass along all traffic and the server will reject and relays that aren' t allowed. I THOUGHT this could be done under System, Mail Server, Access. My thought was, I' d add and set the permission to relay. This doesn' t seem to work. Is it possible to do that? Or, do I need to specify each seperate subnet/domain to allow relay to/from? Or, am I in the wrong place all together? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I' ll repay you by sending you a copy of FortiOS 4.0. I hear it' s going to be released some time this century. JUST KIDDING! :)
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you just dont turn on antispam, simple as that.
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I want to do RBL and other SPAM classification without blocking relay. It' s really not alot to ask. Maybe a VERY loose policy to have. But, we should also be able to do it. And there is a way on the Fortimail. In case anyone' s interested in the real answer, here' s how you do it: Under System, Mail Server, Domains, select the server in question. Select this checkbox - Use this domain' s SMTP server to deliver the mail Also, under the same tab: Set " Verify Recipient Address" to disable. These setting will allow unauthenticated clients to relay mail while still applying any SPAM classification and restrictions on the email. Woo Hoo!