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High CPU usage with fmon.exe

I have been seeing abnormally high CPU usage with fmon.exe on one of our workstations in the past day. The client was deployed to several dozen workstations (all running Windows 7 x64) two weeks ago and has been working without incident until today. I checked the FortiClient logs and saw no abnormalities. The user had not installed or updated any of their software, either. Upon boot, fmon.exe would jump up to ~25% cpu usage. After launching a few programs, usage would vacillate between 30-40%, finally culminating in a jump to ~90% and staying there. Manually ending the fmon.exe task would temporarily alleviate the issue, but it would relaunch and the cycle would continue. FortiClient was using a default managed profile which only allowed for real-time AV scanning and updates. No web filtering, parental controls or VPN.
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