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Help debugging SSL VPN user login/logout

Mostly newbie here... I have a user who seems unable to maintain SSL VPN login with his MAC. I have probably 100 other users who have no problem. Looking at the log, he is able to login using safari, but 10, 20 seconds later it logs out. The Fortisslclient doesn' t even get out of the PC (see below). I have had him uninstall/install. He is not running second VPN client. What debug session could I run on the fortigate to watch the details of his login/logout? REALLY appreciate it. He is driving me nuts. More info. The user can successfully " telnet MYFortigate 443" , so I know his machine/network allows 443 to my fortigate. he is using " telnet[fak3] 443" When the user starts the mac client, it immediately drops out with " can not resolve fortigate address" --- running wireshark on the mac, we see absolutely no traffic on the interface, much less to my server. The client doesn' t make it out of the box. The dns server and IP are dynamically assigned on the mac. How do you enable the log file on the client side? When the user uninstalls, reinstalls, the client picks up the config of the last install. I feel this install is poisoned somehow. How do you scrub an install? Thanks
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