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Guest User without authentication

Hi to everybody! I need to allow the access to some users to the internet but at the first connection I want to redirect them to a certain website. I realized it already with a Firewall policy, setting the option " Identity Based Policy" on enabled. There I have also the option " Enable Disclaimer and Redirect URL to" where I can insert my desired website. The problem now is that I need to create a " Firewall" Group an add a user with password to make everything work. My problem is that I whould show the user only the disclaimer page and after he accepts this he gets redirectet on my defined website without inserting username and password. Is there any possibility to skip the user authentication and redirect immidiately after the disclaimer page? I' m using a Fortigate 110c with Firmware v4.0,build0205,100629 (MR1 Patch 6) Thanks in advice, obi
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It' s only strange that after every bigger Firmware update everything chandes...:-) Usually I make backups before up- or downgrading the firmware, but in this case I made a " no risk, no fun" event There wasn' t alot configurated in the firewall, so it doesn' t matter. It' s a very useful forum here, I think I' ll post some more time here, you guys know what to do if there is a problem with this devices
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no, we usually don' t...but we like to chat!


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