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Fortigate 80C and 3G Modem Support

Hi, I' m planing on implementing a WAN failover solutions in a fortigate 80C Unit. As for now, my 3G UMTS PCMCIA Modem Card (German Provider T-Mobile/Huawei Mobile Connect Express Model: E870) is not 3G Wireless Card Compatibility List. So I' m trying to buy one that is on the list. Can anyone give me a hint, which device will work on a Fortigate 80C given the SIM Card of my provider? Thank you in adance! Tim
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You have a chance to use the TMobile USB Stick ? (Which is Huawei as well) To my best knowledge this is working on recent Software Versions - you have to run FortiOS 4.x anyway with your 80C. -R.
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