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Fortigate 40C

Hello I have 2 WAN ports and 5 LAN ports on my GF-40C. I have already used both my WAN ports. Can i use one of the LAN ports to as a WAN. i.e to connect to the internet? Regards
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Unfortunately I beleive it is not possible with a 40C. You would normally switch the unit into interface mode to allow that but I beleive it is only possible on model 60B and up. Here is the the revelant KB from fortinet : Hope this helps
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The 40C can in fact be placed into interface mode, though if you need more than one port for the internal network I am not sure if any of the ports can be placed into a soft switch (while in interface mode) -- I do not have my 40C in front of me to test this. Next question would be: what firmware is the 40c is running, what ports are in use, and why do you need 3 X WAN connections? (Creating some dialin VPN connections?)

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You could combine several physical ports into a zone, at a pinch. It' s not the same as a soft switch, though, and on a 40C zones might have been ' cleaned out' in favor of a ' FOS light' . But who needs several (switched) LAN ports if you can always use a small switch for this?


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Thank Dave, Currently WAN1 is used to connect to my Head Office, WAN2 is used for Point to Point link between my office and another company. I need to provide Internet Access to my office, can i use one of my free Internal interfaces?
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