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Fortigate 310B upgrade

Hello all, My English is very bad I would like to upgrade my 2 firewall Fortigate-310B 3.00-b5319 (MR7) to last version Or have a support french I have a maintenance contract with FortiGate What advice could you give me? Regards,
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Hello and welcome, go to and login to their website. From there you can download the latest firmware. At this point the most stables version are either the latest 4.0.x or 4.0 MR1 builds. I would recommend that you do NOT upgrade to 4.0 MR2 at this time.
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Thank you for the reply. I know there is a method to push the firmware with hyperterminal. I wonder how I do in case a problem with the method by the web interface

You could access the device with a console connection with hyperterminal, format the boot device and transfer a new firmware image via tftp.
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