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Forticlient over 3G issues

Hi, I have instaled a Forticlient for remote access. When access is through wi-fi or cable there is no problem, the FortiClient bring up the tunnel and the access to the email and system. But when in the same PC you connect the 3G modem, the FortiClient bring up the tunnel but not access mail or the system, I can not even ping to the servers. I have researched and found that is recomend to change the MTU. I changed the MTU of the tunnel through 1408 but it does not work for me. Any suggestions? TKS.
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MS has changed the mobile broadband stack in Windows 7. If that is relevant to your case, have a look here:


"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"
Ede"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"
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I´ve got the exactly the same issue. Windows 7 Clients (x86 and x64) with integrated UMTS Modems. I sended the problem to my fortinet TAC, i gonna let you know if he provides me a solutions. best regards, Florian S. Kornmüller
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