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FortiOS 5.0.6

5.0.6 is out share your experience please

Hello, I don' t use vdom' s on my devices. I upgraded directly from 4.3.15 to 5.0.6, without intermediate steps. Sincerely Harald
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Has anybody a working Reverse-DNS in the GUI on a 60D (it works on 200B, 100D, but not on the 60D here).
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MSI File has been posted on the FTP site. Also I figure out a way to get the MSI file out of the EXE. While running the EXE installer, it places the MSI file in your temp folder. Just copy it before the EXE completes.

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I have encountered a bug going from 5.0.5 to 5.0.6. FortiWiFi-60D with 2 internet connections (on wan1 and wan2). Wan1 is configured with a static IP and a static default gateway ( with a distance of 10 and priority of 0. Wan2 is configured as DHCP with default gateway assignment enabled for the interface with a distance of 10 and a priority of 10. The result is both interfaces are available for inbound traffic and wan1 is primary for outbound traffic unless it is down. After upgrading to 5.0.6, the default gateway for wan1 is no longer active as long as wan2 is active. I can change the distance and priority settings up or down on both default gateways and only the wan2 default gateway appears on the route table. The only way the default gateway for wan1 will appear as an active route is if I disable the wan2 interface. I have reverted back to 5.0.5 for now.
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Hi Has anyone done an upgrade from MR3 Patch 14(v4.0,build0665,130514) -----> FortiOS 5.0.6. HA Cluster. What is the upgrade path? What problem did you encounter? Thank you
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