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FortiAnalizer remote SQL Database issue

Hi, I have several problems with a fortianalyzer. I am running v5.0.6 I have upgraded the database to SQL, to a remote SQL database to be specific. The logs are stored without problems on the database. The problem is that the fortianalyzer is not showing the logs from the devices in gui, in Log View tab, on the devices I cannot see nothing, the logs are empty. If I go to the Fortgate device and select to view the logs from the Fortianalyzer, they show without problem. Reports also are not showing anything. If i try to go to the " Drill Down" section on the FortiAnalyzer I receive a " Web Server Error500" . I upgraded from the 5.2 version to 5.0.6, the same issue. I even rebuilt the sql database(which by the way on the FortiAnalyzer 100C it took 1,5 months ) FortiAnalyzer-100C # diagnose sql show db-size Size: 457.74 GB Anyone had this problem?
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