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FWF60C log settings persistence

Is anyone encountering problems with persistence of log settings on the FWF60c following a reboot? I' m on 4.0MR3 and if I disable WiFi activity from being logged so as to reduce noise in the log, then reboot the unit, the log settings are reset and WiFi activity starts logging again. TAC says they' ve not heard of this elsewhere - seems dubious to me!
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Hi, I' ve not seen any issue like this at a FWF60C ... But it happened to me once to accidentially boot from a USB-Stick config again and again, which I forgot... Is this the only config setting, that gets reverted after a reboot? regards, Roman
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Thanks. The setting is also being reset for periodic cpu / memory usage. I' ve not tried any others I don' t have a USB stick in there, but it' s a good point!
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i have also seen this on a FG60C, but with DNS logs, im sure its a bug and will be corrected with a patch.

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I agree - but first I need to jump thru hoops to show its a bug!