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DNS resolution in FortiCloud report viewer

I' m testing FortiCloud to enable larger volumes of data to be stored and analyzed without filling up the local flash disk storage of my FG100D. At first I didn' t know how to turn on DNS reverse resolution in FortiCloud so that hostnames are visible. But I realized that it' s there automatically, just you have to select the columns " Source Name" and " Destination Name" . I hope this is helpful to someone.
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I am not finding any "source name" or "destination name" on FortiCloud. I'd like to enable DNS lookups for my FortiCloud reports. Is it possible to replace the IP addresses with hostnames?


Support got back to me and had me enable Detect and Identify Devices under Device Management on the Interfaces page under Networks within the System group. After enabling that on my internal interface and waiting a day or so, little Linux & Window icons appeared next to the IP address. Additionally, some columns started showing hostnames. Keep in mind you may need to add the hostname column to the view you are using.

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