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Creating Multiple Custom Categories with duplicate URL Entries

Hi, Not sure if others have run into this problem but, I am doing an manual import of my Ironport policies into the Fortigate and have come accross a problem. for example, I have two custom categories with a list of URLs that need to be included. Fortigate only allows a URL to appear once in the custom categories list and will not let me add it to both. Is there a way to override this so URLs can appear in multiple cusomt categories or do I have to get creative with policies to make this happen? Thanks, -Phil
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You sure can add a URL to multiple categories. What version are you using? errr.... I missed the word ' custom' . Not what I was heading for...

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Hi, I am just thinking about this. When I add one URL to a custom category, let' s say Custom1 I cannot imagine a case that I need to add the same URL to another one like Custom2. Why sould I do that?


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Considering that you can stick the same web site URL into more than one URL filter list, which in turn can be assign to any web filter profile -- you may be better off going that route. (edit: So when you go create the firewall policy rule(s), you can just assign the appropriate web filter profile, which will have the exact URL filter list you want.)

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