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Bayesian training

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me work out an issue with the Bayesian training. I have configured the local domain name to match the internal domain because of MX requirements, but I cannot figure out how to forward the training emails to the Fortimail from users. Currently the Fortimail is running 3.0 MR4. When sending the training emails to, Exchange 2007 bounces them back as undeliverable, which is what I would expect. Internally, all email must pass through Exchange before heading outbound through the Fortimail, which is in Gateway mode. Do internal DNS changes need to be made, and if so, what should be changed or added? Any help would be great.
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I figured this one out after researching this quite a bit, so I figured I would post my findings. When the Fortimail is installed in gateway mode outside of an Exchange server, you need to create new A and MX records on your internal DNS server that point to your fortimail as if it were an email server. After this is done, simply forward the messages to the appropriate control account at the Fortimail. example: DNS setup: A record: -> MX record:, cost = 100 email client: forward to Should work fine!
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