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Authenticator Developement

For once just a positive feedback post. I' m quite impressed by this products developement process. it started as an interesting authentication services which could replace or complete an existing authentication directory (AD, or whatever) 1) now with every revision new features are added. - device certificate self-enrolment - Windows Authentication catched my attention most as i see great potential there. sadly i was not able to test the latest features yet 2) close to customer and fast developement cycles (Fast TAC Ticket responses, even a PM monitoring this forum) thumbs up and thanks!

Many thanks for the kinds words Maik and I am glad to see that you appreciate the hard work that has gone into 3.0. The key to FortiAuthenticators appeal and success is swift response to feedback and suggestions from the field so feel free to keep the feedback coming.

Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet

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