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website issues


Ever since the move to the new website we continue to experience issues with the quizzes for NSE2 and up. After you complete a quiz and you go back in it still shows as not completed. I brought this issue up to support since the website has been moved and still no resolution. My company expects me to complete all the NSE 1-6 and I was hoping to use all the free holiday time to complete the online ones but looks like my hope was in vain. 

It been over a month now and still the website issues seem to be ignored, I got a response from a tech support person that there was a bug in the website and it has been fixed but it looks like it hasn't been fixed. . 

Where can we escalate this issue, I don't think it normal for a company such as FortiNet to not be able to get a website functioning properly. 


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Hey Alex,

A colleague of mine saw your post and I'd be more than happy to assist you. I believe we've been in touch over email but feel free to post here or right me directly with your concerns / any issues you are encountering as you work towards your higher level certifications.

Are you still running into issues with NSE 2? Let me know and thank you for your patience while we work out any kinks in the new system.


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Hi Tristan,


I appreciate your response, let me know how I can help to get this issue resolved quickly.

Attached you will find ss1 which is the completed quiz for NSE2. In ss2 I visited the same quiz after visiting other parts of the website. In ss3 is after the brief flash screen goes away I'm prompted to take the quiz again. 

My specs are:


Macbook pro 2012

i7 cpu

8 gb of ram 

Nvidia geforce gt 650M

I also tried it in Firefox and IE in a Windows 7 Pro VM with same results.

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After a passed or failed completion of the assessment clicking on the activity again will start a new attempt. Since you passed, you should have access to display your completion certificate. Let me know if this is not the case.

We'll try to come up with some improvements to make this more clear.


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Hello Alexandru,


Users are not able to track their progress, we hope to have this enabled soon. In the meantime, I can check your progress for you.







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I guess this answers my question. When do you expect to have it fixed?