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Study guide

Hello, I had a question not sure if it has been asked before. ?I know we get access to the lab sessions, which are super great!
Do we also get access to the study guides

Hi Alexandra,

Access to the Study Guide is determined based your relationship to Fortinet. For example, an employee. Through this forum, I can't look up your account information. However, if you do not see the Study Guide in the self-paced course, it means you do not have access. The welcome message in the course provides information where you can purchase it.

Sarah Bailey
Manager, Training Release
Sarah Bailey Manager, Training Release
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Hey there! I'm glad you're enjoying the lab sessions; they're fantastic! Regarding your question, yes, you also get access to the study guides. They're a valuable resource to help you understand the material and prepare for exams. Take advantage of them and use them as a supplement to your learning. Also, if you're interested in a cinematography course, I suggest you check it out too. Happy studying!


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