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NSE1 ( Network Security Technology Foundations)


I would like to register for NSE1 ( Network Security Technology Foundations) course.


I don’t see an option to register on the website, please advise.





Kindly send the following information to and an account will be activated for you:


First Name

Last Name

Country of Residence

Email Address (include name and company, no alias or public email addresses are allowed)


Lebo, I've deleted your response as we want to keep your information private. So. please send your details about NSE training request to the email address i mentioned in my previous reply. Thank you!

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Hello, I wish you good work.

I want to enroll in the NSE1 (Network Security Technology Foundations) course, but I have a question. Before implementing Fortinet's other security equipment in the real scenario, it could be used on virtual machines. According to this article, Fortinet's products are able to run using software such as VMware.

Now, is it possible to test some equipment only in the virtual environment after enrolling in this course?

Also, I think there is only support for ESXi products in Fortinet documentation?


Thank you.

It is possible to run many of the Fortinet products in a virtual environment, in most of the known private (Vmware, KVM, Hyper-V) and public (AWS, Azure) environments.

you do need access to the software which requires a support account, which requires ownership of Fortinet equipment.

so if you have that you are fine, if you dont then accessing the course wont get you that software access.