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Hallo Community,

I have complete NSE 4 and watched the Laps but I was wondering about this sentence:
if purchased, the labs, your course completion certificate will be available to download within 48 hours.
Should i really buy the Laps to get the completion certificate for NSE 4? 

Thank you

Hi Abdullah,

The NSE 4 course offers the option to view the labs or complete "hands on" practice in a live network environment.  The completion cert mentioned only validates that you completed the lab exercises.  To acquire the NSE 4 certification, the NSE 4  exam must be successfully completed.

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Hello Abdullah,

That is a great question. I always recommend purchasing the labs if you are going to be managing FortiGates if the cost is feasible for you. The lab guide and open environment will walk you through practical hands on practice as you walk through the courses. This information will be helpful with practicing hands on and not just seeing the GUI in the study guide. 

For completing the NSE 4 cert, you can definitely accomplish this with just studying and knowing the material in the study guide. The questions at the end of each section are easy in my opinion, but use those questions as a guide to really understand everything about the configuration they ask about in the question. Pause at each section and make sure you understand the theory behind it. If you do this, you should have no problem passing the test.

You can also use admin guides to help understand things in more detail if needed at

I hope this helps and best of luck. With proper preparation, I find the courses to be very helpful and tests possible with correct study habits. Cramming for this test will almost always end up with a failure.



That's what I said...




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Hello I want to know where can I have see a complete course of nse 4 please. the official course on fortinet. thanks


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