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Free Information Security Awareness and Training service for organizations

Fortinet is expanding its NSE Training Institute's free training offerings with the introduction of the Information Security Awareness and Training service. More about this new service below:

Free Information Security Awareness and Training service for organizations:
With social engineering attacks continuing to plague organizations, CISOs realize the importance of prioritizing employee training as part of their cybersecurity strategies to help address insider threats.

To help organizations address this, Fortinet offers a free Information Security Awareness and Training service that has been developed by some of the best cybersecurity training experts in the world. The training component of the service consists of five self-paced mandatory modules that are focused on key attack vectors and best practices. Each of the modules end with a quiz to test mastery of content. A library of awareness resources including posters, email templates, checklists and others, helps to ensure that cybersecurity best practices are always top of mind. The administrator dashboard allows the organization to keep track of employee completion progress, ensuring compliance with company policies.

This turnkey service ensures employees are equipped with the knowledge necessary to avoid phishing, baiting, tech support scams and other social engineering attacks that commonly jeopardize organizations' security posture.

Partners and customers can sign up now for FREE.Sign up link.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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NSE Training Institute Team
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How long is this course?
Trying to see if I can fit it into the calendar.

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